Top 10 Google Searches 2019 In India - Overall Google Trends

Top 10 Google Searches 2019 In India – Overall Google Trends

Top 10 Google Searches 2019 In India – Overall Google Trends. Here is a List of Most Google Searched Keywords in India.

Google searches are the searches done on google by anyone who is using google in order to get the knowledge and anything that is needed by a particular person. So the searches are done in huge numbers in order to gain the knowledge and to satisfy the need for oneself and others too.

About Google Search Engine [Google Trends]

Google is known as the store of huge files and knowledge. These are the storage of application and knowledge of all the things, person, place, and others use full needs are store on google. This makes the reason for searches on google. This has also become the reason for the most useful and used search engine in the world.

Top 10 Google Searches 2019 In India - Overall Google Trends

NOTE – Google has 63,000 searches per second. As an average by the searches data, there are at least 2 trillion searches per year, 3.8 million searches per minute, 228 million searches per hour, and 5.6 billion searches per day.

India And Google 

India has a vast population and India has the most use of google. Google has most searches as per the country is from India. The reason behind the google searches in India is many such as digital India and data facility in India and many others.

Top 10 Google Searches In India 2019

1. Cricket World Cup (CWC) 

India has huge courage of cricket and the country is also known for craziness with cricket. The Cricket world cup which comes after 4 years in a decade has most craze in India. so it also the most searched in India.

2. Lok Sabha 

The Lok Sabha election 2019, is the most searched on google as the democratic country and plays a vital role in the future of the country it is the most searched in India.

3. Chandrayaan 2

India has the second lunar exploration mission developed by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), On 22 July 2019 it was planned and On 20 august 2019, it was launched. This also had a maximum search in India.

4. Kabir Singh 

The movie which has a unique story and cast display has created a keen interest all over India. And became the reason of most searched on google in India.

5. Avengers Endgame 

The Hollywood movie takes fire due to interest and news channels and became the most searched in India also. The movie was the last part of the series which was also the reason for most searched.

6. Article 370 

Article 370 is the part of the Indian constitution which has given Jammu and Kashmir special rights but now the states are converted into a union territory such as Delhi and other 7 union territories which were earlier. This was also one of the most searches by Indians in India.

7. NEET Results

NATIONAL ELIGIBILITY CUM ENTRANCE  which is conducted by National Testing Agency (NTA) for admission to MBBS/BDS Courses and other undergraduate medical courses in approved/recognized Medical/Dental & other Colleges/ Institutes in India. It has the highest searches in India.

8. Joker 

Joker is a Hollywood movie that has created a keen interest among the Indians and becomes the highest search in India.

9. Captain Marvel 

A Hollywood series film based on Marvel comics. The lady superhero movie gets most searched in India due to unique and wonderful acting.

10. PM Kisan Yojana

It is a scheme by the government of India which provides Indian farmers financial help for agriculture. It is most searched due to the online registration method.

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